The tuna’s silhouette, OUR SILHOUETTE, features on the coat of arms of the south of the peninsula. At one point, it was even engraved on coins that were minted in the area. This gives an idea of how important tuna was for our country’s history and economy.

Tuna is highly nutritious and one of the most-consumed oily fishes in Spain. Tuna flesh contains 12% fat, is rich in omega-3 fatty acids and is a source of high biological value protein (higher content than that of most meats). It’s also a nutrient-rich food source that’s packed with vitamins and minerals, more than most fish.
At ARROM, our knowledge of the product after four generations in the sector has led us to invest heavily in the three most-recognisable tuna species: Bluefin, Yellowfin and Big Eye, the most prized in the Catering Industry.

Tuna is an art — or at least as we see it! Tuna is a complex animal that requires exhaustive monitoring both for its capture, feeding (with oily fish), colour control, temperature, as well as for the slaughter method and the way it should be cut.

Only with devotion and passion can we ensure that our tuna offers the quality demanded by our discerning customers. This quality is controlled by an ICCAT certificate signed by 50 countries, which comes with each product we deliver. The ICCAT document certifies that our tuna is sustainably fished, meeting quality standards and current regulations concerning species conservation, from start to finish.

The slaughter method is what determines the final quality of the tuna we offer. That’s why the animal’s quick death, quick bleeding, and immediate placement in water and ice are decisive for it to be delivered to you in optimal conditions.

Temperature plays a key role in this process, so we focus a good part of our attention on it. For this reason, our equipped is fitted with an exhaustive and demanding temperature control system from start to finish.
Started out as fish retailers, ARROM has become a family lineage that has carved into our DNA a flair for listening to our customers and understanding how to make the product evolve to what it is at the present day and become, in just fifteen years, one of the main tuna distributors in Spain and a worldwide benchmark in the sector.

At present we plan to prepare our own products derived from tuna.

  • Arrom Barcelona - Fresh fish - Tuna - Bluefin - Yellowfin - Wild salmon
  • Arrom Barcelona - Fresh fish - Tuna - Bluefin - Yellowfin - Wild salmon